Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Saturday by Ian McEwan

Herzog by Saul Bellow and Saturday in the Village by Giacomo Leopardi and The Dead (The Dubliners) by James Joyce.

Perhaps McEwan has written better books… I promise than to read also the others and will know to say.

The citation of Bellow beginning of the book is coherent with the same story: he is obvious the influence of the style of 'Herzog' , but who has already read this book will not find in Saturday the same coherence between character and narrative style.

The better thing: the life that comes lead outside always is observed through a glass (window or television that is), like for reflect a distance desire. For this it is easy to associate the Saturday in the Village by Leopardi: at least for a day we forget the History.

To observe and to reflect of the passed day near to a window: John Huston and The Dead by Joyce or simply the book of Joyce, the snow covers of white the landscape as the sleep of Perowne finally reaches in order to close the day: ' This Time there' ll be not trouble falling toward oblivion'.

Saturday, November 28, 2009



Review: A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street (The Adventures of Ociee Nash)

Up to now I have read to the first book of the series The Adventures of Ociee Nash: A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street. Minimalism style, prevails the attention to the daily and the dialogue; anti-Dickens (there are orphaned but, in this book, happy children); is not an historical novel (History is somewhere, but outside this book). It is not described how to make the cake but only the ingredients of the cake are given: 'Peaches, butter, crusty sugar'. Something of sweet (peaches and sugar) and something of bitter (butter): a good cake that is worth as prize (is given the gypsy who finds the locket). A book for children and, above all, adults: far away from the crowd, for to return behind in the time when it was necessary a tag ('A tag on my dress told who I was and where I was going').

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