Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street (The Adventures of Ociee Nash)

Up to now I have read to the first book of the series The Adventures of Ociee Nash: A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street. Minimalism style, prevails the attention to the daily and the dialogue; anti-Dickens (there are orphaned but, in this book, happy children); is not an historical novel (History is somewhere, but outside this book). It is not described how to make the cake but only the ingredients of the cake are given: 'Peaches, butter, crusty sugar'. Something of sweet (peaches and sugar) and something of bitter (butter): a good cake that is worth as prize (is given the gypsy who finds the locket). A book for children and, above all, adults: far away from the crowd, for to return behind in the time when it was necessary a tag ('A tag on my dress told who I was and where I was going').

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