Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: The Canal

The Canal
by Daniel Morris

Create Space (2008)

I received this free ebook from Daniel Morris on Librarything's Member Giveaway.

Detective Joe Lombardi and his collegue Alan D'Angelo are searching the killer of a man found dangling under a bridge. All the clues lead to the canal nearby the bridge of the killed man. But this time something happens other than the usual detective stories.
"The canal was like the world's greatest library of scum - archived, compiled and presented" p. 7

This is not an e-book, it's an e-smell-clean/dirty-book. Joe Lombardi is the image of an old fashioned idea of detective: strange, with unusual habit, dirty. Sometimes this book is confused as a garbage bin: horror?, thriller?, mystery?, Fbi X-files?

Morris takes a lot to change gear (next time, Daniel, automatic transmission), but almost at the end of the book he manages. So, dear reader, don't surrender ...

Some ideas of the Enterprise (the beast of The Canal) remind me of another book: Maldoror by Lautreamont; so those who manage to finish reading this book, could read the other one.

A quote: "The cigarette eventually squiggled from his hands (Joe Lombardi), landing in a stack of other half-formed failures, ... Meanwhile his hands played on. A very avant-garde, Jazz type tune." p. 93

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