Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review:The Alphabet Challenge

The Alphabet Challenge
by Olga Gardner Galvin
ENC Press, 2003

I received this free ebook from ENC Press on Librarything's Member Giveaway

Some people in the future talk about the discrimination resulting from the first letter of the last name; the best is when the last name starts from A to N, between M to Z there are the Pariah. The ABChallenge group try to create disorder in this alphabetical order.

It takes a lot to understand this book, because the narrative style is full of dialogues. Lot of people talking. It's hard to follow this characters.

Some reader could drop this book after some pages, usually I read the book until the last page (or letter, even it's a Z) hoping for revival.
The Alphabet Challenge has been an hard challenge to finish it and so I founded the AABRRTUAB (All About Book Reader's Right To Understand A Book).

Gardner Galvin tells the story of Occam's razor: between different problem's solutions cut with a razor the complicated ones and take the easiest. Maybe this could be the theme of the next Gardner Galvin's book.

Another clue about this book is the theme of the satire: the author attacks something of which disapproves (here the alphabetical order and the need to establish bodies of people to defend some right) using irony and wits.

A final quote: 'Nobody has the correct answers all the time.' p. 80

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