Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: Man in the Dark

Man in the Dark
by Paul Auster
Henry Holt and Company, New York (2008)
Macmillan Audio (2008), Audio CD

A book in one night and two parts.

August Brill (August is a bright month) is the main character of Man in the Dark. Affected by insomnia, he tells himself stories.
In the first part of this book August invented a war inside Usa and a character, Owen Brick, who has to kill someone.
The second part: August recounts to his grandaughter, Katya, the story of his marriage and after he rethinks the kidnapping and murder of Katya's boyfriend in Iraq.

Auster, with August's help, wants to build a new world, a parallel world of bricks that lasts (Owen Brick = Oven brick). But this parallel world destroys itself because August falls in his world again, he needs to rethink his world first.

In the first part we find Auster's stereotypes from other books, while in the second part Auster introduces the History that hits the men; maybe he is following a new path in his books.

I prefer the first part, the Auster we all know; although 'As the weird world rolls on' (p. 180)' we could accept Auster's reflections about History.

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