Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review: Drinkwater: A Sobering Tale About A Medieval Knight

Drinkwater: A Sobering Tale About a Medieval Knight
by Otto Scamfer

Custom Books Publishing, 2008

I received this ebook from Otto Scamfer on Librarything's Member Giveaway.

Drinkwater is a fairy tale about a medieval young man, Winston Tabor, fighting for his honor, lady and possession (almost drinking water).
"Of loves and ladies, knights and arms, I sing, of courtesies." wrote Ariosto. And now Scamfer adds and sings of water. Instead of the Lady of the Lake there is the Lady of the Stream (Meranda). And a strange sword that comes with Marco Polo from the far east.

Essentially a readable tale, also for children.

This book remembers me those of Emilio Salgari: a page-turner author, without deep historical details.

A joke and final advise: if you meet Winston, somewhere out there, cover your nose: he checks your nose first.

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