Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: Ociee on Her Own by Milam McGraw Propst

Ociee on Her Own
by Milam McGraw Propst

Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia (2003)

I received this free ebook from Milam McGraw Propst on Librarything's Member Giveaway.

The Adventures of Ociee Nash's second book (Ociee on Her Own) tells of the Ociee's return in the new father's home. A journey back, sometimes boring, with the same images of the first book, this time 'à rebours'. Kind of decadent literature.

Something new happens: Ociee finds a treasure ...

Very impressive and sad the last pages with Ociee and Ben, her brother, before the gravestone of their mother.

In Ociee on Her Own we find out Ociee's reflexive side, now she is grown up and, as a journey backwards, Ociee and Elizabeth (her best friend) "hope .. never get older and complicated" p. X (10). And this hope is sealed by an oath: "to stay uncomplicated forever and ever and ever!" p. X (10)

A final quote: "The time's passing like old honey on a cold biscuit" p. XLVII (47)

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