Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: The Queensford Family

The Queensford Family by Shelley M. Hollenbeck
Dorrance Publishing Co (2003), Paperback, 152 pages

‘In the endless waiting that has consumed my soul over the centuries, I have come to an understanding of the nature of man. I have come to know that it is easier for the waters to the seas to be swallowed up by a whale than it is for mankind to change habit ... each of the seven was wed to habit ... the habit of the mind and soul that had caused them to commit the crime against the Queensford in the first place.’ (p. 140)

Queensford Castle’s owner opens his proprieties to the public, but what are the real reasons? The first time he accepts only seven tourists: they are happy to be chosen but they don’t know that this could be their last vacation.

The book could be divided in three parts: the first one goes until the first murder; the second part is the telling of the murderers; and the third part starts with the investigations of two detectives (Tristen and Jed).

The narration of the first part follows a not original scheme, it reminds me of Agatha Christie’s plots where a net slowly surrounds the characters leading toward something unexpected. Although the lack of originality, in my opinion this is the best part of the book.
The second part, where all the murderers happen is very fast and I’d preferred a slow step.
The third part and conclusion also tells the investigations in a hurry until the genealogical list, that could explain the meaning of the book.

I’ve found another lack of originality in the bond between the Queensford’s book and the murderers: it reminds me of The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco; where people mysteriously die and every murder follow the order of the Book of Revelation of John (or Apocalypse).

Sharing a curiosity: the number seven is the number of the universe, it includes the soul (number 3) and the body (number 4).

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