Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review: The River Between

The River Between
Jacquelyn Cook
Bell Bridge Books (1985), Paperback, 162 pages

I received this free e-book from Jacquelyn Cook on Librarything's Early Reviewers.

Uhmmmm! Uhmmmm! This is the sound between the banks, it’s the steamboat’s whistle.

Restart the engine steam and the wheel turns: The River Between by Jacquelyn Cook describes Eufala, a port town in the East Alabama during the nineteenth century (1850). This book was first published in 1985, and the main themes are romance and history.
Lily falls in love with a steamboat captain, but, as always in love affairs, she’s facing a lot of rules such as parental authority and social rank.

The River Between starts very slowly maybe the river’s flow is contrary, and becomes more interesting around page 75 when Cook tells the duel of the two Lily’s lovers. After that, the story and the characters become more interesting, so less plain.

This book falls under the genre Historical Romance, after reading this book I understand that this is not my favourite one.

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