Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe

The Big Splash
by Kit Marlowe
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC (2010), Kindle Edition

The Big Splash (2010) is a short story written by Kit Marlowe, an English professor who writes historical romances.
London 1929, Jazz Age and people who like living superficially, or, better, immersed in a glass of Martini.
Constance Wynne Hare, walking on velvet carpet (meaning that the word ‘concerns’ does not belong to her vocabulary), has men eager to throw themselves at her feet. After an afternoon of dancing, in the last pages of the story, similarly an act in a play (Commedia dell’arte), and acting the love triangle: he (Mr. Wood), she (Constance), and the other (Mr. Granville), Constance has finally a chance of wonderful news for her mother.

The story is funny, vibrant, but sometimes lacks of Jazz.

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