Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: Lost Hearts and The Mezzotint by Montague Rhodes James

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary:
by Montague Rhodes James
Ayer Co Pub (1977), Hardcover, 270 pages

‘it’s a funny thing to me how them marks and scratches can ‘a’ come there -
too high up for any cat or dog to have made them,
much less a rat … ‘ (p.42)

Lost Hearts (1904) by Montague Rhodes James.
The orphaned Stephen moves to the house of his uncle Abney.
Stephen soon discovers that the house is haunted by two ghostly children: a gypsy boy and an orphaned girl.
Stephen also discovers that his uncle is obsessed with the idea of immortality.
Is there a connection between the two ghosts and uncle Abney?

The Mezzotint (1904) is a classic ghost story.
Mr. Williams is employed in a museum, and his attention is to enlarge its collection of English topographical drawings. Mr.Britnell is a publisher of art’s catalogue, he asks Mr. Williams to buy an ‘Interesting mezzotint’. Mr.Williams, although interested, wonders why the mezzotint is so expensive.
Watching the mezzotint:
‘- But there’s just one other thing.
- What?
- Why, one of the windows on the ground floor, left of the door is open.
- Is it really so? My goodness! he must have got in.’ (p.69)

Ghosts wandering between the yard and the house in a picture, jumping on a window.

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