Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: Frankenstein

Frankenstein (Graphic Classics (Cloth))
Mary Shelley
Barron's Educational Series (2008), Edition: Second printing, Hardcover, 48 pages

Victor Frankenstein is a science student attracted by the secrets of life, eventually he finds out how to give life to a dead body: the Creature is born.
After that, Victor feels of guilty led him following the Creature all over the world, at the end they meet each other to the North Pole. The Creature is lucky because the crew of John Franklin after several years will be there.

This graphic novel is well done for the first look at the Frankenstein story, otherwise, those who already know Mary Shelley and her book, could find this novel spoiled.

Very useful the last pages of the book with further information: Mary Shelley’s biography, scientific discoveries at the time of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein films.

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