Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis

Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis
Len Wein
DC Comics (1991), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 240 pages

‘Who really is the Monster?’ (p.69)

In this volume we read the eight pages of the Swamp Thing’s origin. And in the next first ten issues the Creature meets Arcane and his un-men, the Patchwork man (a creature who came from V. Frankenstein), a Werewolf, an unusual Witch, an Alien, Batman, M’Nagalah (a character from Lovecraft), and several Zombies.

In my opinion the best are the number 4 (with the Werewolf), 6 (a Swiss - clock - village), and 9 (an Alien who needs the Ama).

‘Rain: some say it cleanses the all-too-impure heart -- others proclaim it the sorrow of the Gods, regretting the tragedy their golden hands have wrought ... the tragedy that has long known as Man’ (p. 27)

‘You stayed in that mental shadowland, chained in your brother’s dungeon, refusing to accept what you’d become ... until the day the door opened ... and a more awesome horror stood framed in the light ...’ (p. 76)

‘But, as usual, the words are wrong! It’s never over! The end?’ (p. 198)

P.S. Two question: Where is the fourth plane’s engine? (see page 69). Why are the clocks wrong? (See pages 142 and 143).

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