Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Three Tales (30 Days of Night)

Three Tales (30 Days of Night, )
Steve Niles
IDW Publishing (2006), Paperback, 132 pages

‘You are a hunter. You kill’
‘I eat what I kill’
‘So do I’ (p. 9)

This graphic novel is divided in three tales: Picking up the Pieces, The Journal of John Ikos, and Dead Space.
The first tale: a hunter in Alaska finds a corpse (an ex FBI agent and a vampire).
The second tale: John Ikos is out there hunting vampires.
The third tale: vampires in a space ship.

Comment: a part from the beatiful colors and pictures, all tales are boring and improbable.
An example: (inside the space ship the light turn off): ‘What happened to the light?’ - ‘They must have forgotten to pay the bill! ...” Is there something worse than this?

A second comment: vampires in the space ship: out there in the space there aren’t tree to make sticks, so it’s impossible to kills vampires. Is this the tale’s meaning?

To the authors: Have you ever seen Nosferatu with Klaus Kinsky?

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