Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Dark Entries

Dark Entries (Vertigo Crime)
Ian Rankin
Vertigo (2009), Hardcover, 216 pages

John Constantine becomes part of a reality show (Big Brother) in order to investigate the supernatural events that happen in this haunted house.
The first impression of Constantine: ‘Maybe we all screwed up our lives somewhere and this is the punishment. The punishment ... or the cure.’ (p. 106) Could it be so easy? No, the border of the drawings changes color: from white to black, so Evil tells the truth of the story.

The black and white drawings by Werther Dell’Edera follow the narration and convey the Dark Entries’ main idea of Ian Rankin: black and white, shade and light, good and evil, death and life

Altogether I prefer the John Constantine smoker and thoughtful than this of Dark Entries where he seems a sort of super-hero with all the answers; for instance a John Constantine acting as Inspector Rebus.

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