Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Mayflower Maid

Mayflower Maid
Raleigh Bruce Barlowe
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. (2006), Paperback, 242 pages

Raleigh Bruce Barlowe, a bachelor’s degree in history, is the author of several historical novels, his books are competent describing events really happened.

The historical events: the Mayflower ship sailed in 1620 from England to Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States) with a hundred of English Separatists, known as Pilgrims.
Bet Tilley, the Mayflower Maid, as old woman remembers and tells the story of the founding of the Plymouth colony from the exile in Holland and the perilous voyage across the Atlantic.

In many parts of this book, history seems glued to the characters’ life, so nobody emerges as a full personality. Bet and her friend / brother John meet each other on the Mayflower and what could be the thread of the novel is forgotten for most parts of the book.

A fast read book remembering the first settlers of a new world.

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