Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: Judgment and Wrath

Judgment and Wrath
Matt Hilton
William Morrow (2010), Hardcover, 352 pages

Joe Hunter is hired by Richard Dean who wants to keep his daughter safe from her abusive boyfriend, but the truth is different and to complicate the story a fallen angel, Dantalion, intervenes.

The narration follows an usual action plot with gun fires, car chasing, and all still alive, with a lot of scratches, until the end.
The best parts of the book are the changing of point of views between Joe Hunter and Dantalion, when the same action is viewed from different angles.
The characters are just sketched and the dialogs between actions don’t keep suspense high.
I preferred less textbook’s descriptions of guns, knifes, helicopters, or how to spy other people.
Although these lacks in the book, action sequences keep the reader clinging to the page and the book is readable.

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