Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Calling (Darkness Rising, #2)The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

‘A shape-shifting witch. Crazy, huh? Except … I was. So were Rafe and Annie, who’d come to Salmon Creek looking for the girl who’d been another subject in an experiment to resurrect the latent skin-walker genes. That girl, apparently, was me.’ (page 22)

‘It wasn’t a stretch to think that the people responsible for this - and for setting the fire that got us out of town - were the scientists my birth mother had escaped sixteen years ago.’ (page 34)

‘Someone had pulled Serena under the water and drowned her. Someone had pulled me under, then and now. Someone had pulled Nicole under, too.
Sam hadn’t liked Serena. She hadn’t liked Nicole. Apparently, she didn’t like me much either, no matter how hard she tried to pretend otherwise.
Who did Sam like? Daniel. Who had been pulled under the water? His girlfriend, his best friend, and a girl who wanted to be his next girlfriend.’ (page 65)

‘I looked down at my hand. It was … wrong. Misshapen. My fingers were thick, my nails almost like claws. There was hair on the back of my hand. Thick tawny hairs. As I stared at it, my hip started to throb again. ‘ (page 88)

‘She planned this. There’s no loss of cognitive function. She’s an intelligent young woman in the body of one of the world’s finest predators. This is what we’ve been working toward. This is everything we’ve dreamed.’ (page 231)

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