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The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1)The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
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‘I could feel energy filling me. I inhaled the smells of the forest, the sharp tang of long grass, the sweet perfume of the trees.’ (page 40, location 608)

‘I don’t remember anything else. No, that’s a lie. I remember one more thing. I remember the cougar turning away and I remember what I saw on her flank. A dark patch of fur in the shape of a paw print.’ (page 105 location 1608)

‘Heard the scream of an eagle and my heart beat faster, legs pumping as I ran, the grass lashing me. Then - too late - I smelled it. Humans.’ (page 118 location 1808)

‘Skinwalker are evil witches who cast curses and take on the form of animals, usually canines.’ (page 133 location 2031)

‘Or, I said, turning to Rafe, if you want to skip the whole awkward meet-the-family social event, you could just submit your life story, including your views on politics, religion, and every social issue imaginable, along with anything else you think they might need to conduct a thorough background check.’ (page 148 location 2263)

‘I stopped. He was staring again - this time at the ground behind me. I turned to see what had caught his attention.
Don’t - he began.
Too late. Having stepped away from whatever Marv Had dropped, I could now see it more clearly through the long grass. Or see part of it. Fingers.’ (page 152 location 2329)

‘The cat jumped. Rafe shouted and this time I heard exactly what he said.
Annie!’ (page 178 location 2725)

‘Yee naaldlooshii.
Skin-walker.’ (page 179 location 2737)

‘Real skin-walker, like us, go back to before Columbus -discovered- America. It’s a kind of supernatural race. We’re born into a family of skin-walkers. We can change into mountain lions. We get our energy from nature. We have healing powers and some control over animals.’ (page 184 location 2814)

‘I was, apparently, a member of a formerly extinct race of supernatural beings?’ (page 192 location 2943)

‘Dreams of the forest, - he said - Of running. You wake up with a fever. You need to get outside. …
It’s the Calling. The start of the transformation.’ (page 218 location 3334)

‘I could stand in front of the mirror and mentally refuse to believe a person could change into an animal, but in my heart I knew it was true.’ (page 226 location 3455)

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